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《驚夢49天》舉辦殺青宴 女主角任容萱獻出許多「第一次」

The Poster starred the Leading Actor, Lewis LIU, and Leading Actress, Lorene REN 任容萱.  In the poster, Lewis' eyes were covered by ‘strips of red cloth’, a symbol of Asian Sorcery, "觀落陰" (guan-luo-in), a dark Taiwanese witchcraft practiced leading the living people to descend into Hades to visit the dead.' 49 DAYS' is the first Taiwanese Horror and Crime movie that combine with guan-luo-in.

The design is full of Eastern elements. It shows the characters in broken mirrors, reflecting their fear and anxiety to discover the secrets hidden for decades.

In the movie,  Lewis LIU played 'Daniel', who is entwined with the same nightmare. A number counting-back from 49 mysteriously appears on his arm. People around him accidentally died one by one. Lorene REN played 'Yi-Chen', a Criminal Police, who suspects that Daniel is the murder. In their search for the girl’s identity in his nightmares, Daniel experiences a tour to the underworld "觀落陰" (guan-luo-in). He unravels the mystery behind the girl and his facial reconstruction 20 years ago. Finally, Daniel realizes where his deepest fears arise from. The movie is now in Post-Production and will be released globally in 2018 Q3.

The Wrap Party

TAIPEI • On Wednesday night, December 13th, Actress, Lorene REN and Actor, Lewis LIU, arrived the Wrap Party to toast the Announcement of Complete Filming and the Poster Release. They strode onto the red carpet at 7 pm, where dozens of photographers and reporters had come out.





男主角劉國雄(Lewis Liu)有觀落陰的橋段,透露拍攝時讓他無比發毛;任容萱則是飾演有靈異體質的正義女警,發現和她有相同被性侵遭遇的含冤女鬼,為了幫女鬼討回公道,甚至不惜被女鬼附身。